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APPLICABILITY: mini, short, midi, maxi film types.
SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Business card method advertising
SCOPE OF SERVICE: A film type / genre published on is screening in the form of a business card in the crew list at the end. 1920 x 1080 Full HD is displayed at 1/4 full screen for 7 seconds. It is only valid for one movie, and only added once at the end of the movie. Appears every time the movie is shown.

(for more impressions – yearly, monthly, daily and with special impressions – please also check other business card campaign packages)

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If there is a “screening” for the product, this includes the movies broadcast via the media player on the internet address.

TYPES OF FILM STRUCTURE: These are the definitions we use for films with a length of 1-10 minutes for Mini Film, 10 – 20 minutes for Short Film, 20 – 70 minutes for midi films, and 70 minutes or more for maxi films. It is published in the original language, with English subtitles, free of charge and open to everyone. (Movies are broadcast uninterrupted. Spot Ads are broadcast before the movie starts and / or at the end of the movie. In-film ads – such as product placement / banner – are applied on the image with methods that will not disturb the audience)

FILM GENREES: Films are universal subjects whose contents are universally accepted, such as drama, comedy, action, horror, romance, action, science fiction, detective, thriller, adventure, cartoon and animation, which you cannot see elsewhere and carry the values ​​of the art of cinema. They are specially prepared for “cinemidi” in the regions where they live by the universal teams (agencies, producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, etc.) who are members of “CINEMIDI”. They are checked and published on “” in accordance with general moral rules.

We see all our customers as business partners. Through this site, we share our experience in the art of cinema and the industry over 30 years. We don’t want them to get hurt. Together we want to do repeatable work where both parties are happy. We aim for long-term cooperation. We keep our working conditions flexible and reasonable by waiving in favor of our customers on many issues. However, we would like to remind you that; As a result of the distance sales contract, you are purchasing a remote service. Please read your rights carefully before paying. Learn the full content and process of the service you will receive.


You can write to us 24/7 at the e-mail address of on matters that are not understood or that you want to explain. We will have a feedback that informs you in a short time.
You can make your payments by credit card or by bank transfer.


If the payments were made via bank transfer, send your notifications to the e-mail address -or- . You will be contacted about your venture.


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