We have recently founded a joint stock company in the field of cinema, in which we have been active as a sole proprietorship for more than 30 years. We have expanded our field of activity as a joint-stock company for digital media production and publishing.

As a family business, we have gained 30 years of international industry experience by producing promotional, educational, documentary, commercial and TV films, cinema films for years. We turned dreams into a visible and audible movie. We have personally realized every stage of a movie from A to Z. Either we pursued our own dreams and produced independent cinema works. Or in this area, we have served our customers on demand. And now, with CINEMİDİ.COM, we have managed to come to you with our digitalized and universalized art. We believe that; you are our  relative, our friends, contacts that we have not met before. Here we are, hoping to touch the warm hearts of those millions of people and to find a place for ourselves there.

We believe with our soul that the rich works of art produced by the free-thinking structure are a universal area of ​​interest. That’s why we value the universal circulation of original cinematic ideas. At the end of a preliminary preparation period of about 15 years, in 2015, the content of which consists of universal human stories.

We started our “Universal Cinema Films” program.

We are successfully running the program with our staff who are well-versed in the basic applications of filmmaking, such as screenwriter, director, producer, actor, editor, executive producer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and coordinator.

This team is a core structure of 19 people who are trusted and adopted the principles of family and belonging. We believe now is the time to expand this team. For this reason, we rolled up our sleeves for continental representations and country representations in 5 continents. By spreading the productions to countries through these representations, we hope to be able to create a richness of ideas that expands the variety of venues and topics at the same time, from local to general.

In line with the effects of digital development, we consider the production and audience change – development in world cinema. We define the topics as “Universal Human Stories”. We make our decisions after long observations and produce our films with our own resources and our original team.

We dedicate our artwork to enriching the existing diversity that connects people. With our films, we aim to reach the world audience with the opportunities offered by the internet, which we think of as “the world at a click”.

Wherever you are, we are very lucky to be able to reach you via cinemidi.com, and we are grateful to you for spending your time reading this article with interest. We believe that with the content of our films, we produce cultural materials that benefit the humanity of a better livable world and happy world. We hope it will be remembered with you.
Our slogan for the continuity of universal human rights and freedoms:
Independence is the raw material of free dreams and free ideas


Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager
Selma Dijital Medya Yapım ve Yayıncılık A.Ş.
(Selma Digital Media Production and Publishing Inc.)